FOCUS - May 2016

The Burroughs Wellcome Fund is gearing up for another award cycle, beginning with the Investigators in the Pathegenesis of Infectious Diseases (pre-proposal deadline: 7/15).  

Other deadline for the grants cycles are:  

As a reminder, these programs are now open nomination to researchers at degree-granting institutions in the United States or Canada.  This, of course, does not apply to CASMT which is open to public school teachers in North Carolina. 

Another important thing to note is that the awards are now open to temporary residents in the United States and Canada.  Please check the program's eligibility for further details since the Fund has reduced citizenship restrictions.

We have also released our annual report and audited financial reports, which are available for download.  

also in this issue...

By the mid-1990’s, the Burroughs Wellcome Fund identified the interface of biology and the quantitative sciences as an area in need of funding.  The Fund’s initial foray into the field began with the creation of interdisciplinary training programs.  The Institutional Awards at the Scientific Interface funded 10 programs from 1996-2000, which supported 367 trainees.

What is research? In his book on experimental design, David Glass of the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, puts it this way: Scientific research is the process of determining some property Y about some thing X, to a degree of accuracy sufficient for another person to confirm this property Y.

If you’re a new academician launching an independent research lab, it’s no secret the key to your success is focus. Concentrating on your goals is imperative for achieving a promotion or tenure.

Dr. Andrea Goforth is a chemist who explores materials at the nanoscale. Join Burroughs Wellcome Fund to bring her Science In Focus.

As materials are made smaller and smaller, their properties change. Materials at the nanoscale act quite different from their macro-sized molecular counterparts. Dr. Andrea Goforth from Portland State University investigates various materials, like silicon and bismuth, to discover the possible new technologies that these differences may unlock for medical science.

The Fund's meeting professional Lori Hedrick received a Pyramid Award from the Promotional Products Association International for best Internal Communications Program for the promotional items provided for the Fund's 60th anniversary in 2015.  Gephart Marketing Solutions nominated the 60th anniversary materials for the award.