Science Education

Engaging children in science has been a focus of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund since it became an independent, private foundation in 1994. We are convinced that all children, regardless of their future career path, need basic science literacy to participate fully in civic life.

We believe that the best method for achieving the goal of science literacy is to get students involved in the scientific process and let them do what comes naturally: ask questions and participate in hands-on activities and experiments that convey basic scientific principles.

The Student Science Enrichment Program provides more than $3 million annually to support creative science education activities for primary and secondary students in North Carolina.

BWF has partnered with various organizations to help develop an infrastructure for improving science, mathematics, and technology education across North Carolina. The institutions that have emerged from these partnerships are making an impact on public policy, teacher training, the informal science community, and scientists working with teachers.

BWF has increased its commitment to science education by creating the North Carolina Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education (SMT) Center in 2002. This non-profit organization serves as a catalyst and facilitator to create an integrated plan to systematically improve the performance of North Carolina secondary school students in SMT education.

Current Programs

Student STEM Enrichment Program

Career Awards for Science and Mathematics Teachers

Promoting Innovation in Science and Mathematics